What a great start to the day!

What makes a healthy, nutritious, wholesome, and, easy to prepare breakfast? Well, here is what I had this morning: Throw a few ice cubes in the NutriBullet, some leaves of kale, a knob of ginger, a pear, and a kiwi. Top up with home-made soy milk (and today also some coconut water because we had some kicking around in the fridge). Then a spoonful of hemp seeds, a little turmeric, some moringa and baobab. And last, but most importantly, Vanilla JuicePlus Complete. It looks scarily healthy, but it was very very nice. I’ve been enjoying the Complete since October now and have not looked back. It comes in Chocolate and Vanilla, and offers a 100% plant based meal replacement. It’s easy to prepare, even when you are on the go. For home use, though, I like to use it as a base and add fruit, vegetables, spices, seeds and other superfoods to it. I think I have mastered the art of Complete smoothie making — I use all sorts: cacao nibs, cloves, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, chilies, Sichuan pepper, nutmeg, coriander, caraway, you name it. Once I added soy sauce and another time I put in chilli sauce. Those were definitely not successes! But all other times I can honestly say that I enjoy them. They fuel me for a long time and I don’t feel hungry until much much later. Comment below if you have questions, or indeed for your own ideas on smoothies!

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