The Proof is (literally) in the Pudding — Achieving sustainable Lifestyle Change

Before I started this website, I posted a video on FaceBook publishing a challenge: If my diet really is about achieving a sustainable lifestyle change, acquiring new and healthier habits, then I should be able to travel home to Germany over Christmas, enjoy myself, and not put on excess weight.

Well, today is Sunday, and Sunday is always weighing-in day for me. I’ve been in Germany for 2 weeks and now that I am back I am pleased and proud to report that not only have I not gained weight over Christmas, but I even continued to lose it. The blip you can see in the chart above most likely represents the fact that I used my sister’s scales, so a few days into my holiday it appeared as if I had gained weight, but I think the scales just were calibrated differently. Importantly, when comparing the 10th of Dec to the 31st of December — the 2 points of measurement before and after my trip — the weight went down! And, as I have mentioned before, I did in no way deprive myself. I ate and drank what I wanted. But I did so mindfully and knew when I had had enough.

Well, that is a fantastic way to close off the year and I am looking forward to a new, healthy, wholesome year!

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