Step 2: Nutrition

Understanding what is going on inside your gut will help you stick to your weight loss plan, so here's an introduction to your 'insides'!

The human 'microbiome' is like an eco-system within our body, so step 1 in this plan is like weeding out the dead or harmful flora and step 2 is like planting up the healthy flora!

How can people get fat and still be hungry?

Western diets have become increasingly unhealthy with more and more intake of carbohydrates at the expense of fibre and protein. At the same time, such diets don't necessarily provide us with the energy we need at the time, leaving us craving for more and more energy. The video on the right provides an interesting perspective on this but arguing that it is not the case that people get fat because they are not exercising; instead, people are not exercising because they are getting fat. Our plan is designed to help you transition to more wholesome eating habits that will fuel your body to keep going without feeling hungry all the time. 

About the Supplements we use in this weight loss programme

In this weight loss programme we use encapsulated fruit, vegetables, berries and omega fatty acids and nutritious shakes from Juice Plus alongside a healthy eating plan formulated by nutritionist Sue Worral.  

Latest Research into Juice Plus, weight loss and cholesterol levels

Published in 2017, this remarkable research shows the benefits of the variety of fruit and vegetables contained in Juice Plus in reducing cholesterol levels, weight loss and overall cardiac health as well as cellular health.