Step 1: Detoxification

Detoxification from what?

Detoxification refers to reducing the oxidative stress in the body that is caused by important functions such as metabolism and exercise as well as by pollutants and toxins such as smoking and air pollution. This video helps to explain what oxidative stress is.

How does good nutrition improve levels of oxidative stress?

Once you understand oxidative stress, you will see this importance of eliminating free radicals as quickly as possible.  This video explains how Juice Plus  will benefit your system by decreasing oxidative stress because of being packed full of anti-oxidants to help eliminate free radicals.

The Role of Environmental Toxins in Weight Gain

Our body naturally produces toxins as a result of normal activity, and a healthy body deals with these toxins as a part of regular body function.  However, we are increasingly exposed to environmental toxins that cause additional stress to our system. Watch Dr Mark Hyman, proponent of functional medicine and Huffington Post columnist, explain what you can do to protect yourself.