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JuicePlus and Obesity
I might as well say it out loud and clear from the start. I was extremely sceptical about JuicePlus when I first heard about it. I didn’t like the idea of network marketing, or multi-level marketing (MLM), and I thought if I want to buy nutritional supplements, I can get cheaper ones off the high street at reputable stores. Why trust some distributor who stands to gain from me ordering the product? Besides, I am a hard-nosed scientist (Yes, I am – I keep saying “Show me the evidence”) and thus a natural sceptic. Well, because I am a scientist, I did start looking at the evidence, and that’s the thing: With JuicePlus, there’s plenty of it. Gradually, my scepticism started to wane and I tolerated it to the extent that I wanted to try it for myself.  What really swung it for me was reading one study that examined the contents of JuicePlus supplements – it found 119 different polyphenolic compounds (i.e. phytonutrients) in the capsules. That’s pretty amazing,  I certainly had not heard that about any other supplement before. Unlike vitamins and minerals, phytonutrients aren’t essential for keeping us alive, but they help ward of disease and help our body to function properly.

But that’s not really why I am writing this post – we can explore these topics in greater depth another day. Today I want to share with you some of the science into JuicePlus and its effects on obesity, since we are concerned with weight loss here. Well, here you have it, two scientific articles that report the direct and beneficial impact of JuicePlus supplementation in overweight boys, neatly summarised by Dr. Manfred Lamprecht, Director of the Institute for Nutrients Research and Sports Nutrition at the University of Graz, Austria.


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