Before you sign up to a diet, consider this

Hi Everyone!
Nutritionist Sue Worrall & nutritional therapist Simone Davis are giving a presentation on “Shape Up 4 Life” tonight (Thursday 4th Jan) at 8pm UK time.
Before you join, Weight Watchers, Slimmers World, Lighter Life, The Cambridge Diet or any other diet come and listen in to the call and they will tell you why DIETS just do not work. They may lose you a few pounds for now but in not too long it will all be back on plus more. Do you want to be in the same place NEXT year? Are you sick and tired of depriving your body, feeling guilty when you eat, being low on energy? The TV is full of programs on weight loss, the secret of diets, trust me I’m a doctor etc. Tonight its a chef who lost the weight of his mate. But last night It was proved that the very same diet he used dit not work for Josie Gibson the 2010 Big Brother winner. If you listen to them all they are saying the same thing one size DOES NOT SUIT ALL! When you know how to work with YOUR BODY its not so hard and its for life not just January.

The call is on Zoom (free to install) — just follow the URL below

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