8 weeks in and it is Christmas!

Previously I have been documenting my progress on my FaceBook profile, but since my website is now live, I will update you on my progress here. If you are new: I have started my weight loss regime at the start of November 2017. I weighed just under 105kg and my first goal was to lose 10kg to get down to 95kg. I am 195cm tall so 95kg seemed a reasonable and realistic goal to have. However, weight is of course not all that important — it is about getting rid of excess body fat, and in my case I want to get rid of my moobs and the tire around my waist.

6 weeks into my regime I smashed my target and had hit just under 95kg. Measurements around chest, waist, and belly also dropped, while thigh and arm circumference slightly increased due to a steady increase in exercise. This was particularly rewarding for me: To lose weight while gaining muscle mass means that I am truly burning fat and lose weight in a healthy weight. And given that muscle mass is heavier than fat, I felt extra chuffed.

However, I kept saying that JuicePlus+ is about lifestyle changes rather than a fad diet or a quick fix that is not sustainable over the long term. And so the true test of whether it’s working would come over the Christmas days, particularly since this year we were going to Germany to stay with my family. If you have ever been to Germany, especially around Christmas, you will know that the culinary temptations there abound: Stollen, Plätzchen,Cakes, Glühwein, Beer, Feuerzangenbowle, fancy spirits, cheeses, and countless other delicacies. In fact, last year, I had gained around 3kg over Christmas spent in Germany, and I could not shed it over the course of the year.

So, this year, I wanted to see whether I could at a minimum keep my newly achieved weight below 95kg, or, ideally, continue to lose weight over the Christmas period, WITHOUT feeling like I was depriving myself. It was important to me to enjoy myself, to eat and drink my fair share of all the goodies, without pigging out. This kind of regulation had been difficult for me in the past, and so there was my chance to see whether the diet I am following really was effective in leading to lifestyle changes.

And….. drumroll please…. after one week in Germany, today on Christmas Eve, I can proudly announce that I have lost a further 1.7kg since being here, and that is with visiting the Christmas Markets, eating some Plätzchen & Stollen, drinking some beer, and having a few Feuerzangenbowle. There are still the festive Christmas meals to come, but I am now confident that I can go forward enjoying myself without any fear of subsequent regret.

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